Binny Wear: Honey Toast Midi Tee Dress

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Bees make honey and there's honey in YO-YO,
ARNOTT'S YO-YO biscuits,
Cows give milk and the milk becomes butter,
And they're all... in... ARNOTT'S YO-YO.
Eggs by the dozen and,
Runny honey from busy bees in biscuits like,
Grandma used to make,
Butter, eggs, milk and honey,
Biscuits delicious to fill lots of dishes,
ARNOTT'S YO-YO biscuits,
Goodness! What a biscuit! What a jingle, what a t-shirt dress.

It's your daily go-to with your fave sneaks. But a bit more special as embroidered bees, stripes, pockets and a embroidered cheery slogans.

Fits true to size.
Falls at the knee.
Short sleeve.
100% Cotton.

Note: The model is 180cm tall.