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Lucinda Newton

Penny & Reiby Mums: Lucinda Newton

What comes to mind when you think of motherhood?

My two gorgeous girls! And my own beautiful mum. The privilege it is to be a mother & the huge mix of emotions that goes with that!

Describe your ideal Mother’s Day …

Hanging out at home with my family. Sundays are my favourite day of the week anyway, no work & seldom any commitments! A very relaxed day, yummy food, a beach walk, an afternoon movie on the couch & not much else!



How has your style changed after children?

I’m not sure it has?! I think my style has always been like a smartish casual??!! I kept working whilst having my girls and always loved and looked forward to dressing for work…. It is nice when you are able to worry less about their food ending up on you though!!! I guess in the early days of babies comfort was a big factor… and I think that has probably stuck with me. 


What do you enjoy doing with your girls?

I love just being with my girls. Annabelle is 12 and Polly is 10. I can see we are about to enter a new chapter so I am hanging on to any time with them I can! We love just pottering at home, eating out, shopping, anything really! 



How do you balance work and motherhood?

Balance!!! What every working mother is chasing! I am fortunate to work for myself so am able to put the girls first. It is a total juggle and the house is often neglected! I have a fear of looking back in twenty years and wishing I had spent more time with my children so I’m very conscious of that. Watching their sport and any school activities/commitments is really important to me. Probably now more than ever, with both girls nearing the end of primary school, I am contemplating the whole work/life balance! 


Do your Annabelle and Polly give you style advice?

Ha! Yes!!! But I don’t listen!!! :) Every now & then they will love my outfit - more often than not though they question it! 



Has being a mum influenced your creative process?

No, I don’t think being a mum has influenced my creative process. I started making jewellery well before the idea of children so feel very lucky my business is creative and rarely feels like work. 


Take us through a typical morning in the Newton household?

A typical morning in the Newton household… my husband Tom is up at 5.10am, walks our labrador Rosie & then meets friends for a fitness session most mornings, when he returns I walk Rosie! (Not for long enough... one day I will go for longer & add in some pilates or an ocean swim!!! When that balance is found!) The usual breakfast routine, girls are getting ready for school, Tom & I for work. I drop the girls at school, head to Coffee Roasters for my coffee & in to my jewellery workroom which is in my store in Port Fairy. We are so spoilt in Port Fairy. Everything is close, a little village where the stores are gorgeous & coffee shops/restaurants are great, the people are lovely, it really is idyllic. 



How would you like your children to describe you?

Gosh! Caring & kind ; thoughtful ; fun ; great company! ; gives the best cuddles (although they may be outgrowing this!) ; hardworking.

What is on your Penny & Reiby wish list?

So many things!!! To name a few : Grampians Goods blanket ; a few of the new season’s divine jumpers ; jeans & some Binny! 



Photographs taken by Jo Okeefe
Lu wears: 
Jumper: World of Nomads
Pants: Zulu & Zephyr
Dress: Binny Wear
Boots: Merry People

Annabelle wears:
Jumper: World of Nomads
Boots: Merry People

Polly wears:
Dress: Binny Wear
Jumper: Marle
Boots: Merry People
Blanket: Grampians


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